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How To Order Guide...

Ordering Booklets and Brochures couldnt be simpler, download our PDF GUIDE to ordering online.

Step 1 - Choose your Booklet, Brochure or Book Printing by Type

At the homepage you are given the first step to ordering, simply choose the type of Booklet, Brochure or Book Printing you are looking for - Full COlour or Mono, STapled Booklets, RIngbound Booklets or Perfect Bound Books.

Step 2/3 - Choose your Option & Size

In stapled booklets you get the choice of digital or offset printing for low and high volume printing, All other sections are printed digitally and you will be able to choose your booklet size.

Step 4 - Choose your Pages - Include Your Covers

At this step you can choose the amount of pages in your booklet / brochure - Dont foget to include your covers in your page count as these are also classed as pages.

Step 5 - Optional Extras & Add to Cart

On each product there are avialable options for paper types, cover type, lamination, proofing options and tracking your order - there is also space to add any notes particular to your order. Once configured you can then add to the shopping cart.

Step 6 - Review Your Order

The shopping cart will review and display your options selected. It will display the retail price and your discount is also listed as well as any VAT that needs to be added to the order. When happy proceed to the checkout.

Step 7 - Checkout

The checkout stage is pretty simple too, just fill in the required information and click place order to be re-directed to SAGEPAY for secure credit card processing.
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